Grace-St. Paul's UMC
Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Missions Page


Please note the date of the above event has CHANGED to Sunday, October, 8, 2017
 Grace St-Paul's Supports Missions locally and abroad!!
 Missions Chair - Eva Beckman
(570) 325-2435

Red Bucket Offerings:

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Each Sunday there is the
opportunity to support our Missions
 by placing an offering in our
  RED BUCKET... during our regular
 offering time or in the back of the
sanctuary during reframe..

Missions we support:


Ernie and Suzy Penner     Pastor's Discretionary Fund

Nelson Randolph             Carbon CountyFamily Promise  

Alysha Omundi                Ramy and Ruba Elias

Seasonal Food Boxes        Peaceful Knights




 One of the things our RED BUCKET offerings are used for is sending kids to Camp Penn every year to be immersed in the LOVE of God for a week... below is a picture of some of the ELEVEN campers who were sent Summer, 2016!!