Grace-St. Paul's UMC
Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Grace-St. Paul's UMC Church Library

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Grace-St. Paul’s has a small library housed in the Family room off of the Narthex.  If you are seeking direction in your faith or an aid for Bible study, you could well find a resource to assist you.
The faith related resources of our church library are primarily volumes which may be unavailable in a public library.


     Resource Classifications: 

     Non- Fiction
     Bible Study/Small Group Resources
     Audio-Visual:    VHS Format  &  DVD Format


Authors includeBright, Chambers, Campolo, Cloud, Graham, LaHaye, Lucado, Mains, McDowell, Meyer, Nee, Peale, Roberston, Schuler, Stanley, Tada, Ten Boom,Tillich, Tozer, Wheat, Yancy, Young, and Yrigoyen in the non-fiction section alone. 


The list of resources and a sign-out book is located on the lower left shelf. 


Please return books to that location as well.